Trophy Rooms

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Trophy Rooms - Dioramas

Putting together an incredible trophy room takes more than simply placing mounts on the wall. From lighting, colors, textures, as well as the arrangement; each element must flow to accomplish the desired effect.

Safari Studios Team can put together a trophy room design that takes all elements into account. Call today to visit about designing your next trophy room.
Safari Studios has been awarded five times - Best Studio in Texas by the Texas Taxidermy Association for their stunning & unique Taxidermy show pieces.
Lion • Impala • Fighting Bears • Wolves Playing
Giraffe & Baby • Tiger with Axis


Would you like to arrange your trophies by hunt? Would you prefer to organize them by location, with the most memorable in the center? However, you'd like to reflect your experiences, we'll help create a cohesive design that brings back memories of your hunts. Display each trophy with pride by enlisting our experienced design professionals. We're passionate about wildlife, too, and we'll make sure your trophy room is everything you want it to be. Call us for more details.